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Nephi Moon


Nephi Moon is the visionary founder and owner of Moonlight, a leading Christmas lighting and event decor company established in 2008. Nephi discovered his passion for business while selling pest control in California, which led him to work for a Christmas company where he installed lights on people’s homes and trees. He went on to start his own Christmas lighting company, which eventually evolved into Moonlight, an industry leader in lighting and decor for weddings and events.

Nephi’s unparalleled attention to detail and ability to make anything happen when called upon have made him a go-to in the industry. His passion for providing exceptional quality and service has pushed Moonlight to new heights, making it one of the most trusted names in event decor.

Nephi credits his success to the many incredible individuals who have helped him along the way, including his family, his former manager while selling pest control, his boss at the Christmas company, wedding planners, and venues that have all helped push his standards even higher.

Outside of work, Nephi is a devoted husband and father, as well as an avid snow and water kiter. He enjoys being outdoors with family and friends, staying active, and having loads of fun.

Shyloh Grover


Shyloh Grover’s professional journey with Moonlight began in 2020, where she started as an Event Designer, and later on, took on the roles of Office Manager and HR Director before eventually becoming the CEO. With a strong desire for progression and continuing Nephi’s success with Moonlight, she is committed to creating a seamless experience for clients by consistently improving the Moonlight team’s professional skills.

During her tenure at Moonlight, Shyloh discovered her passion for lighting design, recognizing its profound impact on people’s emotions and experiences. She firmly believes that lighting should be an essential consideration in every event, and encourages her team to share her passion for creating unique and memorable atmospheres.

Outside of work, you can catch Shyloh backpacking, playing sports, traveling, or doing yard work. She also loves to learn new things and be pushed to progress.

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Anika Butler

Event Designer | Park City

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Event Designer | Park City

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Event Designer | Utah County

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