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Need a specialized touch on your Christmas lights? We have customized lights for houses and businesses of all kinds. We offer many different types of lights as well as wreaths, garland, tree wrapping and more. Let us keep your holiday Merry and Bright!



We can light up any roofline. We do several different styles such as the ridges of your roofline, different colors/patterns, and any side of your house you are wanting! Send a request to get a quote!

tree & decor


We offer a couple of different styles of tree lighting decor. We do a “Mummy Wrap” which is our most popular, and a “Spiral Wrap”. Learn more to understand what the difference of the two are or send in a request to get a quote!



We offer the perfect permanent setup for Holiday Lights you can enjoy year round. Learn more about Everlights and Trim lighting we provide.


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C9 LED Premium


Our C9 Premium bulbs look exactly like a warm white Incandescent that gives off the vintage old time color. The plastic bulb is clear and only comes in warm white.

Our C9’s measure at 1 inch in diameter and 1.5 inches tall.

C9 LED Standard


Our C9 Standard has a dimpled plastic surrounding that gives off a more “sparkly” look. This bulb can come in a wide variety of colors, whereas the C9 Premium is strictly offered in warm white.

Our C9’s measure at 1 inch in diameter and 1.5 inches tall.

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We used Moonlight for my daughters wedding reception at This is the Place Heritage Park in the Garden Center. It was beautiful, magical and added that perfect touch to a beautiful night!! They were easy to work with and had everything set up when we arrived. We were very happy with the final product and would highly recommend them!

– Jennifer W.


We worked with Moonlight lighting this past weekend for an event and they totally knocked it out of the park. Our bride wanted an outdoor wedding but in October that’s a little iffy! So we decided to bring the outdoors inside. Moonlight lighting hung over 700 feet of greenery from the bistro lights and rafters and created the most beautiful atmosphere. It was simply spectacular! Their crew was professional and friendly and I can’t recommend them enough!

– Amy V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read Through Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Only Do LED Lights?

Yes! We will only hang up and offer LED lights. Why? Because they are much more energy efficient which helps your wallet, they are safer by not heating up like Incandescent, they break less due to being made of plastic instead of glass which aslo helps your wallet, and lastly, they look just like Incandescent–depending on the bulb you get!

What's The Difference Between C9 Premium & C9 Standard?

Our C9 Premium bulbs are the ones that look just like a warm white Incandescent that gives off that vintage old time color. Look at our other Frequently asked question of “Do you only do LED lights” to know why we’d recommend a C9 Premium to the Incandescent warm white.

Now, our C9 Standard is the same size bulb, but they have a dimpled plastic surrounding. This bulb can come in a wide variety of colors, whereas the C9 Premium can only come in warm white.

Do You Light bushes?

We offer the opportunity for you to fully customize lighting for your event to any style, space, or budget: indoor, outdoor, glamorous, vintage, modern, grand or intimate.

What Colors Do You Offer?

We offer warm white, cool white, pure white, red, green, blue, purple, pink, and orange.


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