An Adventure Everyone Will Remember

Your Wedding & Honeymoon – At A New Level

Crave unique vacations & getaways?
Love fine foods?
Hate the same old, boring views?
Dream of experiencing luxury adventures?
Ready to bring your fairytale to life?

Then this is for YOU.

Nature Getaways

It’s one thing to enjoy the photography of others’ adventures. It’s truly next level to be immersed and do it yourself! Join our expert team and create that whoosh… the perfect peaceful rush in Nature as you experience some of our favorite places (live link for Kanab, Yellowstone).

If it’s battling the elements, that’s our jam. If it’s on your bucket list, we love it! If it requires going deep into the wilderness, let’s go!

Urban Safaris

We take you to underground art that no one talks about. We find architectural wonders that few know about. We explore the most interesting cultures and hidden corners within the urban environment.

An Urban Safari is different than driving around, looking at tourist attractions. It’s a discovery, connection with culture, plants, architecture, food, the local music scene. Exciting and new, meeting different people, different ways of going about life, different understandings, and ultimately expanding our perception of living.


We infuse the Moonlight experience, creativity, and adventure flair to transform an event into an E-venture. If the idea is kinda “meh,” that’s not what Adventures by Moonlight is about. If the idea is groundbreaking and radical, count us in!

Bring the theme or come brainstorm with us. We will give your e-venture that swagger to stand out. We help with (1) remote or exotic weddings and elopements, (2) intimate corporate events and, (3) small (less than 45) parties and gatherings.


“I love adventuring, and when you add awesome photos that I can so proudly share with everyone it’s the perfect combination. Photo sessions with Adventures by Moonlight have been such a fantastic experience for me! My first pick and I highly recommend them if you want vibrant shots that capture how you really feel inside! Weddings, Engagements, Photography Safari, Urban Adventure, you name it, they do it better than you’ve ever seen before. 10/10 recommend, I’d give 6 stars if it was an option!”

– Megan D.

“I worked on a film in Kanab a couple years ago and it wasn’t until visiting with Adventures By Moonlight that I absolutely fell in love with the dessert. Nature is just different out there, and you have no way of knowing where the mind-blowing spots are unless you either do your research, talk to locals, or have a great guide. (I definitely recommend the guide options to ensure you don’t miss some of the most incredible views and save yourself the headache/worry or anxiety if you have FOMO.) My experience with ABM was smooth, easy and the perfect mix of relaxation and thrill. Do yourself a solid and book a tour! You’ll have AMAZING photos to show for it, too.”

– Samantha U.

“I was in SLC for a work conference, and while there I connected with Adventures after a referral from a friend. The guides were super knowledgeable and took me over the mountains to the ski resort in Park City where I had a great time hanging out and visiting with locals. They even surprised me with a collage of pictures from the night. I plan to visit Zion park next year and will definitely be booking with them!”

– Hilltop Advisors

“Adventures by Moonlight took my son and me on some amazing trips around southern Utah. From early morning sunrise shoots at Zion National Park to paddle boarding on Lake Powell. My photos don’t do the vistas justice but the experiences and memories were stunning.”

– Charlotte P.

“My experience with Adventures by Moonlight was absolutely outstanding! Their exceptional talent in photography truly captured the essence of our stay in Island Park. Their pictures brought our memories to life in a way that words alone could never do justice. Not only did they provide breathtaking photographs, but the service was top-notch. Their attention to detail and commitment to going above and beyond exceeded our expectations. They were not just photographers; they were guided, a storytellers, and a true professionals who made our adventure in Island Park unforgettable. If you’re looking for someone who can beautifully document your experiences and provide exceptional service, look no further than Adventures by Moonlight. We couldn’t be happier with the results and the memories he helped us create. Thank you for making our trip so special! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

– Curtis G. Marsh

Luxury Photography

If you need to embolden your portfolio and personal brand or just want to travel and be a supermodel for a season, we offer Luxury Photography Sessions, Tours, and what we call Personal Paparazzi Memberships.

We want to flex our experience muscles to curate elaborate sets in exotic locations and capture exquisite looks with you! These incredibly fun shoots are characterized by high fashion, expressive lifestyle looks, and fine art. You will love how our images capture the essence of your world with magazine quality and storytelling flair.

Luxury Photography Packages:

Daily Photo Shoots: $400 – $800 per hour depending on the sets, styling, etc.

Adventure Photo Safaris: $2,100 – $3,800 per day depending on guests and services (min 3 days)

Personal Paparazzi Packages: $12,000 – $15,000 per month for all scheduled shoots including weddings, family portraits, personal portfolio enhancement, etc. (min 3 month)

Scouting Expeditions

Interested in joining our team on a reconnaissance mission? These are quarterly 14 to 21-day excursions where we expand our network and scout out our next playground.

If you are familiar with the book The Hobbit, we think of Scouting Expeditions as bringing you (Bilbo Baggins) on an epic treasure hunt, full of unknowns and wonder. This is not a curated experience in any way; it is raw and unpredictable. We invite our past clients to sponsor these trips. Then we are off, exploring and photographing the wonder and amazement.

Here’s How It Works…



Fill Out The Form



Schedule a time to consult with one of our Adventure Designers



Lock in your Tour with a deposit



Adventure Prep and we are off!


What is your background and experience in this area?

For the past 6-years we have tested and proven the adventure tempo and custom challenge levels. From luxury glamping under the stars to exclusive deep-sea expeditions, we are your expert team of curators for extraordinary experiences. Check out our google reviews!

Adventures By Moonlight, LLC was founded in 2022 in response to the amazing feedback our co-founders received from friends and business associates. Our mission is: Making Life an Art Form

What is a Personal Paparazzi Membership?

A Personal Paparazzi Membership is our take on the modern age of subscriptions and memberships. Justin Bieber’s personal photographer is with him during any important event. Our clients discover just how fun it is turning their day-to-day routine into a magazine spread. This membership is for CEOs, models, home keepers, party lovers, parents wanting to capture their children’s milestones. This investment delivers exceptionally high value for anyone and everyone.

We offer a 3-month Friends and Family membership where multiple households can go in on a single membership. We recommend this option if you have graduations, parties, weddings, or family vacations in the works.

Do you accept families on Nature Immersive Tours?

Given the rigorous nature of hiking and all that these trips entail, we reserve these services for smaller groups, but that does not mean that your family isn’t allowed to join. Children ages 15 and over are welcome with the expectation that they are excited to be adventuring and respectful of the environment and people.


If your situation is the exception, please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss it with us. We’re happy to discuss more details with you to better understand your needs and interests.

What Are Family Therapy Tours?

Using Nature to heal families is something we have decades of experience in. No one is better and we can combine the best adventure therapy with the best trauma and attachment counseling available. This is something we are passionate about but have limited availability due to the custom nature of this product. If you have struggling family members, please schedule a consultation with our family specialist.

Do you Require a Deposit?

Once our proposal matches your vision, you lock in your adventure by putting down a 50% deposit. Prime adventure dates fill up quickly, so this is essential to ensure that you don’t lose your spot.

What if I’ve never had professional photos taken of me?

Even more reason to start with us. Our joy in this business comes directly from making you feel your best on the inside. Though, every photo shoot takes a minute to get warmed up. Having a camera around you isn’t the everyday norm, sure, but our approach is very relaxed and interactive, so you’ll hardly notice it’s there by the time shooting is over. 

We capture you simply doing your thing. The best reminder is everyone is a model when they step in front of a camera. Just by owning your truth and showing compassion to yourself through your inner voice, we can get way more than you might realize. We would be honored to do your first photoshoot!

Do I need to be in good shape?

This all depends upon the type of adventure you are looking to have. We love it when you are inspired to get ready for fun adventures by working out. During our planning we will provide you with a framework for fitness levels.

We will also develop workout programs based on what we do to get ready for the rigors some adventures present.

Do you offer Honeymoon Tours?

We can transform any type of adventure into a honeymoon photo safari. Not only the coolest ideas in the most epic places, but all captured in Vogue photo and video style!  

Do you do Anniversary Get Aways?

Yes! We do Anniversary celebrations like no other. The best adventures, food, photography, and all stress free!

Do you do Elopements?

Absolutely, we do elopements. We team up with Moonlight Lighting and together have all the equipment and resources to make the wedding of your dreams happen. We have you covered!

Together we do over 850 events a year providing: location scouting, event design, lighting setup and takedown. If you have an exotic place in mind, we can do that. If it’s a spot you can imagine but have no idea where that vibe might be, we’re just the right people to talk to.  Give us a call and we can discuss further!

Do you do Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties?

We do not curate or manage these types of parties. We do, however, enjoy being invited as photographers! We just don’t offer logistics services in this area.

How much would a Weekend Tour Cost?

$2,100 is the base daily rate for our full service get aways and we have a three-day minimum. With an elaborate array of add-on’s (film, drone, hair/makeup, etc.) your base rate may increase.

Do you book the flights for us? Or, is that separate?

Many customers simply provide us with their credit card, and we manage everything from there. Others take a different approach. We are happy to book your flight for you, or if you’d like to book yourself through your point system or preferred airline, that works too!

This is a detail that typically works itself out over our discussions during the collaboration process of planning your trip.

What can someone who has booked a tour expect?

You can expect clear communication, quality collaboration and a thorough itinerary of your adventure sent to you three weeks before you fly out. You can also expect to have the time of your life seeing and doing some of the most intriguing things with effortless photos to show for it by the end of it all. We know you’ll love it.

What does full-service mean?

Full-service means we organize the accommodation, travel, transportation, attractions, activities, meals, and photography. We deal with the logistics, so your exploration is all about the experience, from pre-trip through to post-trip.

Rest assured, you’ll be in great hands.

Do you work with Corporate Planners?

All the time, and we love bringing unmatched adventure flair, 5 Star food, magazine quality photography and even fortune 500 quality strategic facilitation services to the table. We specialize in turning events in to a source of power for your organization.  

What if we’re foodies?

We offer 5-star catering through our partners at Esoterix Events & Catering. In any way you can imagine it, Chef Doug is ready and able to deliver to your exact specifications.

How do I Book?

Just fill out the contact form. We will respond within 24 hours via text or email to schedule a call. In this zero-pressure setting, we will walk you through all the adventure options and quickly help you determine what interests you the most.

What if we don’t have the right gear?

We provide a detailed list of what to bring. If you don’t have it, you can obviously go grab what you need. However, one popular option is to put your credit card on file, and we can purchase all the equipment you need for you.

If you choose to put your credit card on file and have us buy your gear, you will have the option to take it home with you, donate it or leave it with us to hold for our next adventure together.

What Pace?

This is your adventure, and your pace is the right pace. Choose your “Adventure Style” – we accommodate you and your preferences. A primitive backpacking tour, easy-going hike and recuperation or somewhere in-between.

The point is: we can meet you wherever you are or guide you in the direction you’re wanting to go.

What If I Want to Change Plans?

Unfortunately, we can’t refund your money once the deposit has been made, but we can reschedule and redesign your tour—no problem. 

Do I need to Rent a Car?

There’s no need to rent a car as we’re a full-service tour company. If that’s your preference, however, we’ll reserve a car for you. Otherwise, you’ll have reliable transportation through our services from pick-up to drop-off.