Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do I do if my lights aren’t working?

A: We guarantee all of our installations and are happy to help you get the lights working properly. Please see our “My Lights Aren’t Working” page for help with quick and easy fixes, or give us a call and we will provide any maintenance needed at no extra labor charge (charges may occur for replacement parts as needed).

Q: How do I schedule to have my lights installed?

 A: You must contact our office to schedule the installation of your lights. You can do this by calling or emailing us. Make sure you get confirmation from us either via email or phone to ensure you have been scheduled. We will contact you a week in advance to remind you of your appointment, we will call you a day ahead as a reminder. You must pay your deposit before we can install your lights. So make sure mail your payment in early to ensure you don’t lose your scheduled spot.

Q: Are there restrictions to putting my lights up early?

A: There are no restrictions to early setup although we do not recommend September installation for the following types of lights:

Icicle Lights, wreaths and greenery, etc. are more visible that C-7/C-9 lights and some HOA’s/neighbors may complain.

Incandescent colored bulbs may fade quicker when installed in the early installation periods, Upgrade to LED to avoid this problem. LED lights do not fade and last much longer than incandescent lights.

Q: At what time on my installation day will you be coming to install/take down my lights?

 A: We don’t usually schedule an exact time to install/take down your lights, but don’t worry, we can do it with or without you home. Just make sure you leave your lights out for install or your storage bins for take down, on the porch by at least 8:00 am so that if you’re not home we will still be able access them.

Q: When should I expect my lights to be taken down?

A: You should have a “Take Down Preference” assigned to you on your service summary. If you want to change your preference or would like a more specific take down time contact our office. Please note that due to inclement weather the actual take down day can vary by as much as a week from the originally scheduled time. Unless you request that your lights be left up longer, we are usually able to take down all of our customers’ lights by the end of February.

Q: Do I get a discount if I don’t want you to take down my lights?

A. All take down services are included for free. This helps us to mark  and organize them correctly for a more efficient re-install next year. There are no discounts if you choose to leave your lights up or take them down yourself, so please save yourself the hassle and let us do it!

Q: When should I pay the second half of my installation charge?

A: The second half of your payment will be due before your lights are taken down. Take down is done at no charge as a courtesy to our customers. We divide up the payments for your convenience, and you are more than welcome to make your payment in full at the time of your installation. If you do not wish to have your lights taken down, the final payment will be due by January 31st . We do recommend that you mail us your payment at least a week before your take down date so as not to delay it. Our installers are instructed not to remove your lights until they have received full payment; if you accidentally forget to leave payment on the take down date, your take down will have to be rescheduled.

Q: I noticed that the guys installing my lights sometimes break bulbs in the process. Should I be finding broken glass?

A. Our employees are instructed to clean up any broken glass.  However, as you can imagine, when a bulb breaks at 30 feet high it’s hard to find the broken pieces when you get down the ladder – especially if the glass falls into the grass, bushes, or snow. If you find this to be a problem, please call our office and we will happily return and clean up any broken glass.

Q: Why am I charged an “Upkeep” charge for incandescent lights?

A: We charge an upkeep charge for all incandescent lights. This is to cover the costs of parts and labor for replacing broken or burnt out lights every year. We also have a second additional charge for colored incandescent lights to cover the faded colored lights being replaced since incandescent colored lights must be changed out more frequently than a standard clear incandescent light. However, after the initial install we guarantee your lights for the Christmas season so please call us whenever you have a burnt-out, or faded bulbs or strands and we will come and switch them out for free! If you would like to avoid these charges every year we recommend upgrading to LED lights.

Q: I  already have an anchor installed on my roof for safety, why am I still being charged for “Roof Access Required – Fall Protection Needed – Yes Rooftop Anchor – $30?”

A: The anchor installed on your home makes the process of fall protection on your rooftop much easier and safer, but does not eliminate the need for proper equipment, harnesses, and time required to use the anchor correctly. The $30 charge covers the time and equipment required to properly use the pre-installed anchor. To be OSHA certified our workers must be harnessed in according to the regulations that they have set in place.