Holiday Products & Services

Rooflines and Windows

Labor prices for installation are done by the footage at $1.25-$2.50/foot depending on height, or by strand for mini lights and icicle lights. For safety purposes, if we need to work on your roof we will need to install a roof anchor at $30-$180. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Permanent Roofline Lights

We are now offering quotes on permanent roofline lighting! These are programmable LED lights that match your siding and can stay up year round for any event or holiday. These installations are much more extensive and require more time on our schedule, so please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to explore this possibility. Learn more about them at the Everlight website.


If you want to add to your lighting display this year, a lighted wreath hung in the highest peak may be just what you need. We are now offering 3 sizes of lighted wreaths (these wreaths are listed by the manufacturer advertised measurements which are approximately 12 inches larger than the actual size of the wreath). Prices include the purchase of the wreath, anchor installation, and wiring. For all sizes of wreaths, it is only $45 to re-hang the wreath the next year. Wreath sizes below:

72” (actual size 60”) Lighted Wreath

60” (actual size 48”) Lighted Wreath

48” (actual size 36”) Lighted Wreath

LED Lights

Replace your incandescent lights with new LED lights. No broken glass, since bulbs are made of reinforced plastic. An LED Bulb last more than 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also use less electric power, meaning fewer cords and lower electricity charges. Also, the colors on LED bulbs never fade, even if the outer plastic lens fades, the inside light “diode” will still produce the light color just as vibrantly. Call our office to receive an estimate to upgrade to LED lights this year!

Light Storage

We offer storage of your lights during the summer. This is just one more step towards us taking the hassle of Christmas lights off of your hands. Our installation teams will pick up your light bins when we take down your lights and bring them back for installation the next season. Storage prices start at $10 for the summer. Let us know if you’re interested.